Should College Students Make Environmental Sustainability?

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One of our greatest achievements comes at the time of graduating college, obtaining college degrees has brought progress to our society. However, too often this "progress" has resulted in a lack of extensive knowledge surrounding our communities, environment, and planet. Educating college students on general education, their degrees, and ultimately their life choices and direction has aided society in more ways than people can imagine. Unfortunately, some colleges if not most fail to explain and illustrate how we as students can help maintain a positive environment. The environment is clearly important to all us and many fail to influence nor recognize this, there are however some people who have made effective positive impacts on the world; these are the people that have to teach others how to do the same. Educational institutions especially colleges should make environmental sustainability an important priority in their facilities development and educational programs.

Education has many meaning and many purposes, it prepares us for our careers and for our future. However, it doesn 't always prepare us for our environment, how to help it, and how to sustain it. In all honesty the environment is what is going to influence us as human beings. Education institutions must teach students that they cannot manage our planet, no matter how much knowledge and technology they have; they must teach students that only they can manage themselves. As professor David Orr has pointed
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