Should College Students Plagiarize?

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There are possible tons of reasons out there as to why college students plagiarize and other reasons that we as student’s can avoid academic dishonesty. It is so easy to cheat then it is to take the time out of our “busy” schedules to form a thought and actually write an essay. Today with the technology we have available in our hands, it makes it even easier to plagiarize someone else’s work on the internet or off of someone else’s paper. There are tons of ways to plagiarize but a few keep reoccurring more often than others. But in the long run, plagiarizing could lead to bad grades and could lead to worse depending on the school or facility you are at. First reason students plagiarize is just the simple fact that it is easy to do. Instead of taking your time, forming your own thoughts, and siting down to put those thoughts and opinions into their paper, students find it easy to just copy down someone else’s information. In a survey conducted “about 40% of 14,000 undergraduates admitted to copying a few sentences in written assignments” (The New York Times). In 8th grade when I would first get into my English class me and my friend would swap our notes and papers and copy each other to get more information then we already had. It was that simple. But the technology we have today makes it a few more steps easier than a few years ago to plagiarize. Now we have technology to help us. All kids have to do is copy and paste, make the sentences sound good together
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