Should College Success Be A Good College Student?

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People often assume that if you are a college attendee, your life 's a piece of cake, but what they do not realize is that there is more to being a college student than just staying out and partying all night and all day or even sleeping in the mornings. To be a good college student, you need make sure you attend every class, turning in your assignments, and have time management skills. All these things are very important and I am going to explain detailedly why. To my belief, attendance is one of many things that are crucial to becoming a good college student. First of all, attendance has many more components to it such as, being on time, getting to know your professors, and participation in the classroom. I strongly suggest getting to know all of your professors, because they are going to be there all through your college time and up till your graduation. Having a good relationship with your professors is going to help you to succeed in the classroom. In the article “College Success 101” written by Jessica Stevenson, Teen Advice Expert, she says “ At the beginning of the semester, make a note of each of your teachers ' office hours, and keep them in a safe place such as a student planner. Office hours are an ideal way to informally ask questions about a paper, or even get some extra help on a difficult math problem” . Jessica Stevenson Teen Advice Expert “College 101.” 2015 Secondly, being on time to class is also very important, because if you are

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