Should College Tuition Be Made Affordable

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Should A College And University Education Tuition Be Made Affordable For All
General purpose: Viewpoint
Specific purpose: Outlook of the various reasons why college and university education tuition should be made affordable
Central idea: There are various reasons why college and university education tuition should be made affordable and I will discuss with you today the most decisive impacts. In this speech, I will discuss the impact of tuition on student’s enrolment in high education, economic growth and also technology advance. Introduction
The conversation concerning the increasing cost of a college and university education tuition often begins from the institutions premise and also the dysfunctional systems of higher education. Imagine how the American Dream will be achieved if the federal government develop defined policy goals that will be
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Lower unemployment rates are dramatically enjoyed by the College graduates than high school graduates.
The bachelor’s degree holder’s lifetime earnings are 75 percent higher than they were about 30 years ago, despite the increasing tuition and student debt loads (Mckinley, 2015).
(Transition: Having discussed the tuition impact on the economy growth, let us outline the last impact that involves technological advances which is related to the other two impacts that we have outlined)
The higher education usually lags behind where technological advances are concerned.
In recent decades, technological advances tend to favour more educated workers since the demand for these highly skilled workers increased over time due to the fact that educational system fails to supply enough new graduates (Archibald &Feldman, 2013).
Being a college or a university professor implies being highly educated; higher education sector is associated with most highly skilled
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