Should College Tuition Be Paid?

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Tuition fees have always been a complaint to people who are paying and attending college, most say it is too expensive, some say it should be free. Is that a good way to go? Making college something that anyone could attend? Some say that free college would allow students that are less fortunate, wealth wise, to attend college and have hope for a better future. College plays a very important role in the economy and in my opinion, I certainly believe that college tuition is there for certain reasons. The reasons for high tuition costs will not be discussed but the reason for it will be: Making tuition free would cause taxes to rise significantly due to the government owning higher education, It would feel like public high school again, having no motivation to do anything, Free higher education still wouldn’t get everyone to go to college. At first, free education sounds nice because of european countries doing it, but in turn, it would ruin our country as a whole. One of the many problems with making college free is that college, in time, needs to be paid for by someone or something. With the government having the idea that college should be free, these same people wouldn’t be taking the hard payment; You would, through government taxes. As Alex Groves says in his article, “Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free ride. Every program requires a source of funding, and free education is no different.” (para 5). Groves is a college student himself working on his last year

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