Should Colleges Be Graded By The Government?

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Should Colleges Have to “Make the Grade”? Response to Haley Sweetland-Edwards During their senior year of high school, many students have one thing on their mind: applying to colleges. Considering the sheer number of colleges and education options, there’s certainly no shortage of opportunities for students filling out applications. However, how do students know they’re making the right choice when deciding where to go after high school? The article “Should US Colleges Be Graded by the Government?” by Haley Sweetland-Edwards talks about the possibility of colleges being “graded” based on graduation rates, tuition costs, amounts of students receiving financial aid, and wages of graduates as a way to evaluate the performance of colleges and universities across the United States. More importantly, the article discusses the negative impacts this grading system may have on both universities and students. In “Should US Colleges Be Graded by the Government?”, Haley Sweetland-Edwards discusses a plan made by President Obama to have colleges evaluated based on accessibility, affordability, graduation rates, and how students are performing after graduation. Sweetland-Edwards explains the possible negative consequences of this plan by explaining how certain details (such as athletics, performance by professors, and internship opportunities) may be ignored in favor of basic statistics. Sweetland-Edwards further explains how ratings for areas that are being evaluated may affect
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