Should Community Service Be Mandatory For High School

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Should Community Service be a High School Requirement?

Little Annie was finally in the last semester of her senior year. Going out of high school with a 3.9 GPA, a job at the local kayak business, 3 sports letter on her letterman jacket, and an endless horizon of great opportunities for herself. As the year came to a close Annie was thrilled to be getting out of high school and getting into her adult life and pursuing a career. Just as she had seemed to have everything figured out, last minute she was informed that she would not be able to graduate because of her lack of community service hours. Even though Annie had all the great grades and was an active part of her community, because she didn't have the hours of volunteerism she was unable to graduate high school and had to postpone her plans as well as not be able to do any more
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Not only did she have to sacrifice for this requirement but it took a stressful toll having to do that with all the other things going in her life. After it all, Annie was the same after the community service as she was before, it having no real academic impact nor having it taught her anything new to further her in her career path and future. Therefor, a set hours of community service should not be a requirement for high school graduation. Community service is a wonderful opportunity for people to voluntarily help out in their city or town and is a good foundation for a close community, although having community service hours be weaved into the graduation requirements of high school students is not right for a few reasons. Community service is a voluntary act to help out, that said, having it be required makes it kind of hypocritical. Also the community service students are being asked to do outside of school has no
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