Should Consuming Alcohol Under the Age of 21 Be Legalized in the US?

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Should consuming alcohol under the age of 21 be legalized in the United States? It is one of the many questions in contemporary America that raises a great deal of opposition on both sides of the issue. Whenever this issue comes up in a classroom or group setting I hear the same statement almost every single time. “If a kid can enlist in the military and fight for his country at 18, then he sure as hell should be able to have a beer at 18”. I actually did feel this way at one point in my life not too long ago. However, like many other views of mine, the more responsible and educated I become, the more I tend to disagree with an original stance I have taken. While I understand the argument, I simply do not agree with it. Having served in the military myself, I do not think it would be the greatest idea to allow junior enlisted teenagers to openly drink. Are they still going to drink? Of course they are. However, concealing alcoholic consumption when you are underage is much different than openly drinking whenever you choose when you are underage. As a society we simply need to be more responsible when we weigh our options in regards to issues like underage drinking, an issue that will have an impact on society as a whole. I will not take a look at other countries and their policy on underage drinking in this paper because that is an entirely different issue in itself. The intention of this paper is to solidify why I think you must be 21 years of age to drink in the United

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