Should Copyright Law Be Changed?

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Should Copyright Law Be Changed? We often experience the effects of copyright law on a day to day basis without even realizing it. Whether we are uploading a video to Youtube or just listening to our favorite songs over the internet, copyright law affects us. For example, nearly everyone who has spent time on Youtube has come across a video that has been taken down due to a copyright claim. Also, listening to Pandora radio for an extended period of time will leave users with a prompt to verify they are still there. These are examples of the consequences of copyright law; but what exactly is it? Despite copyright law 's prevalence in out everyday life, few are wary of the potential risks of its uncontested expansion. The law has been allowed to continuously expand with little or no opposition due to a lack of public awareness surrounding the issue. That was until the mufti-corporation sponsored bills SOPA and PIPA made headline news in 2011. These failed bills were an explicit attempt to increase the enforcement of copyright law over the internet. The proposed laws were met with tremendous protests and international outrage bringing copyright law and its enforcement under the public spotlight. History and Background In order to understand the issues surrounding modern copyright we must first delve into the history of the law. Most parties generally agree that modern copyright law can trace its origins to the Statute of Anne. Bowker (1912) states that the act, passed by
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