Should Creationism Be Taught In Public Schools Essay

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Should religion, such as Christianity, be taught in public school? Droves of people, theists and atheists alike, ask and answer that question every day, but it is usually met with much scorn and heated arguments. A compromise can be reached, however. Even though Creationism is not scientifically supported, it does need to be taught in public schools, with one major difference; it should be taught only in history classes, owing to the fact that it has contributed to important events in history. Students need that perspective to understand certain historical events and why some people did what they did.
A common argument that quite a few people bring into play when they do not agree with creationists on their stances is that creationism is not able to be proven scientifically. But a counter to that argument is how the theory of evolution is just as much as a theory as the theory of Creationism, so it seems to render that argument as a moot point. However, that is not true. There is a difference between the science use of theory and regular people's use of theory. As the University of California at Berkeley’s Understanding How Science Really Works puts it:
Occasionally, scientific ideas (such as biological evolution) are written off
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Even though there is a large quantity of people that believe that creationism is not able to be proven scientifically, it should have at least a little prevalence in public schools. It should be in history classes. There are far too many historic events to bring up that have had quite a handful to do with creationism, especially with that of Christianity, but here are some of the more important ones: the Crusades, which lasted from 1095 to 1291 (there were multiple crusades). They consisted of European Christian armies taking over various bits of large land, such as Israel. And yes, they were needlessly violent and usually ended up with a ground littered with the corpses of fallen Israel soldiers and
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