Should Curriculum Be Standardized for All? Essay

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Students are expected to become well educated, self-thinking, and creative citizens. When teachers are expected to teach to a state guided curriculum students are limited to the standards and content of knowledge. Students are all given the same multiple choice test, on the same day, at the same time. Students are not given a chance to show their depth of knowledge. Schools must decide how to teach the standardized curriculum. Schools must figure out how to mesh a standardized and non-standardized curriculum. Can students guide their own curriculum and perform well on tests? Standardized Curriculum and Testing With a standardized curriculum comes standardized testing. A standardized curriculum limits what students learn.…show more content…
Parents want their child at the top of the class and a head of the others. In a standardized curriculum, students become stressed because of the standards that are set. Students are not exploring, creating, or analyzing. Students are not developing their identity. Non-standardized Curriculum In a non-standardized curriculum, students have more control over their learning. The teacher sets the umbrella of the standard but the students can choose what they want to learn from that standard. Student’s freedom of thought, right to question, and the freedom to spread ideas are encouraged in this classroom. A non-standardized curriculum allows students to focus on higher level thinking skills. Students are encouraged to learn from each other. Students are encouraged to challenge each other. Teacher’s use Bloom’s Taxonomy to have student think deeper into concepts. Instead of students learning ten concepts over the course of a year, students learn six that are more in depth. Students use a variety of alternative assessments to show their depth of knowledge. A student can choose how to display their knowledge. Students may give a presentation, create a 3-D model, design a PowerPoint, or write a story or a variety of other ways to present their ideas. A form of a non-standardized curriculum is the Montessori curriculum. In the Montessori curriculum the teacher is more of a guide. Students take charge of their learning. Students
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