Should Cyberbullying Be a Crime? Essay examples

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‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ (The Christian Recorder). This is the infamous saying that many have heard since they were young. With vastly growing technology today, face to face bullying is being replaced with what is known as ‘cyberbullying’. Cyberbullying is defined as, “an aggressive intentional act carried out by a group or individual using electronic forms of contact repeatedly and over against a victim who cannot easily defend him or herself” (WebMD). It can take place using cell phones, computers, tablets, social media sites, text messaging, and/or chat rooms. Cyberbullying has become a growing awareness nationwide, prompting lawmakers to act and propose new laws making cyberbullying a criminal offense. Several tragedies nationwide have been a result of cyberbullying, making state lawmakers more increasingly willing to criminalize such behavior. With new modern day technology, recent laws being legislated, and worldwide tragedies; cyberbullying has led to a growing awareness of the issue and prompting cyberbullying to become a criminal offense.
With the vastly advancing technology growing every day, cyberbullying is becoming a constant issue among teens and adolescents. A simple text, tweet, post, or video is all that it takes to ruin an individual's self-esteem. The Internet has become a tool for many different things, but unfortunately many individuals have chosen it to anonymously bullying other individuals. Cyberbullying is…