Should Day Trading Be Illegal?

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If you ask somebody that doesn 't trade, what they think about day trading, there is a chance that they will say that day trading is no different than gambling. I 'm here to show you that day trading is not gambling. The only time a trade should be compared to gambling, is if somebody enters a trade without a plan. In my entire trading career, I have never ran into another trader that did not have a set of rules created for his or herself. These rules can be shaped from experience, or rules you have created for yourself from watching other traders make mistakes. All good traders know that having rules is the key to longevity in the stock market. If you trade wildly without rules to hold you in place, you will perish. Watch some of my free videos here and check out these top 10 ten rules and see if you can apply them to your own trading. Rule #1 - Volume is a major key. I rarely trade a stock with size unless it 's trading at least 2-5+ million shares a day. One of the main reasons why I do that is because if I 'm trying to enter or exit a position, I want to do so with ease without moving the stock if I 'm entering a position or exiting my position. It can also be an expensive lesson to learn if you 're in a low volume stock, and it goes against you. If you have size, you 're essentially pushing the stock higher every time you exit your position. If you follow this rule, and always keep an eye on the volume and adjust your size accordingly, you should not run into this

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