Should Deaf Be Deaf?

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Being deaf doesn’t mean you’re any different than any average human. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary deaf means “not being able to hear and not willing to listen to or consider something.” Although society thinks different about the definition, the challenge is clearly the loss of hearing. Being deaf has a multiple of difficulties and assumptions, but that is a part of life.
Society makes it difficult for deaf people to get their point across because society is set up for hearing people. There are many things in the world that were set up specifically for hearing people, and were not revised for those who are deaf. For Instance, music which plays a major part in this world, it also plays a huge role in generations, technology and good memories. Music was established for enjoyment for people all around the world, However deaf people aren 't able to enjoy music in the same way. Society didn 't look to reassess how deaf people can enjoy music has well has those who can hear the music.

Education plays a role in how society was not balanced for both hearing and deaf people. Such as it being many schools for the average person and their just a couple specifically for deaf people. For example Howard University and Gallaudet University have a multiple of majors but doesn 't offer every major. If a deaf person choose not to pursue at Gallaudet and go to Howard because Gallaudet does not offer the major wanted. Then having to leave a school specifically for deaf people
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