Should Disabled Veterans Get Preferential Treatment over Better Qualified Candidates Who Are Not Disabled

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Karen E. Wilkerson
Business Ethics 301
Module 4 Case
Dr. Johnny Vanneste

There are many people in this world who don’t understand why veterans sometimes get preferential treatment over, what my appear to be, a better qualified candidate but are not disabled. There is also certain criterion that helps to determine the qualifications of a veteran, who may be already drawing a certain percentage of disability, to the other candidate, who may be fresh out of college. What the world needs to remember is the fact that a veteran has already made a choice to defend his/her country. This, in turn, automatically places the veteran ahead of someone who just chose to go to college. It also depends on what the qualifications of the job
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Some of them can’t get around as good but they are very good at what they do. At first I thought to myself,” why are these people still working? Why aren’t they drawing a check and sitting at home?”The reason is because they are doing almost the same thing they did in the military. There is nothing better than on the job training. Sometimes you have go through it to understand it. That is when you become a subject matter expert. It is very important to understand the concept of war to try to find an easier way of doing things so that it won’t be as hard for the Soldiers that follow behind us. For a moment, I too, discriminated until I realized that sometimes you have to go through something to understand it better.
The American Disabilities Act is a federal civil rights law for people with disabilities, comparable to civil rights law passed in the 1960’s for other minorities, not just veterans. It covers employment, state, and local government services, public accommodations, and telecommunications for the deaf. Although an employer can still hire the most qualified person for the job as long as the disability is not used to disqualify a person, the ADA is still needed to protect and lessen confusion for the disabled and normal people. An employer is not required to provide the most expensive accommodation or the accommodation that the employee prefers, but it must allow the employee

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