Should Division I College Football Athletes Be Paid?

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Cathy Toretto
Justin Grant
1 December 2014
Should Division I College Football Athletes Be Paid?
Should the NCAA allow college football athletes be shown the money…or not? This is a debatable question facing college sports. College football players generate billions in revenue for the NCAA and intercollegiate athletic departments of their respective universities, yet are only compensated by colleges through athletic scholarships that cover tuition, room and board, and books. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), on one side of the debate are the defenders of amateur passion, asserting that to play for pay would destroy campus sports and a football player should play for the love of the game. The National College
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The NCAA’s “principle of amateurism, as drafted and approved by its membership, states that student-athletes shall be amateurs in intercollegiate sports, and their participation shall be motivated by education and by the physical, mental and social benefits to be derived” (Edelman 66). The NCAA maintains that student athletes are amateurs and play college football basically for the love of the sport and school pride. On the other side, the National College Players Association will argue that while many football players receive an athletic scholarship; these scholarships are not a full or free ride and leave many athletes living below the poverty line. Based on Drexel University Department of Sports Management Study: “College athletes on full scholarship do not receive a ‘free ride’. In 2011-2012, the average annual scholarship shortfall (out of pocket expenses) for each Football Bowl Series (FBS) ‘full scholarship’ athlete was $3,285. The percentage of FBS schools whose ‘full’ athletic scholarships leave their players in poverty is 82% for those athletes who live on campus; 90% for athletes who live off campus” (Huma and Staurowsky). Expenses that are allowed for academic scholarships but are prohibited from inclusion in athletic scholarships include

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