Should Donate A Kidney?

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In Today’s society there is an influx of healthcare problems surrounding one specific organ known as the kidney. Specifically, one of the problems surrounding the kidney is the lack of donations received on a yearly basis by people like myself. According to McDonnell (2014) as of December 2012, “nearly 95,000 people in the United States were waiting for a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, due to a shortage in Kidney donors only a small percentage of those people actually received a kidney” (McDonnell, 2014, p. 1). Hence, the main issue however that lies within donating is the choice whether to donate or to not donate simply because it is often believed that both kidneys are needed to survive. Nevertheless, in knowing that the human body is able to function properly with just one kidney and not two, I see no personal harm in donating a kidney if being the perfect match. Thus, the conditions’ surrounding my personal decision to donate a kidney is my faith, along with being able to save a life and ultimately being able to make a change. This in the end gives me the ability to be a hero to someone who is in my eyes already a hero. In addition, I think a lot of people really don’t know how important the kidney is to the body and how one life is basically meaningless without a kidney. For example the kidney produces urine so it can remove unnecessary substances in the blood such as uric acid and creatine. Also what people don’t know is that the kidney has connections with every

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