Should Drug Abuse Be Rehabilitated Drug Users Do Not Return? A Normal Social Life?

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Alexis A. Esquivel Philip Belmont College Composition 2 27 February 2017 Argumentative Rehabilitated Drug Users Do Not Return To A Normal Social Life The National Institute on Drug Abuse, or NIDA, estimates that annually, 23.5 million Americans age 12 years or older need treatment for drug abuse. Getting into a high-quality treatment facility and completing the appropriate programs are critical for individuals who suffer from drug addictions. Only 2.6 million, or 11.2 percent, seek and receive treatment at a specialty facility. Completing a treatment program can help individuals regain their sobriety, but the treatment program is only the beginning. Only 60 percent of individuals who complete treatment for drug abuse relapse, and 90…show more content…
Levels of dopamine also increase when drugs are used, and the increase in dopamine due to exercise likely leads to an individual’s perceptions of reward and pleasure without using drugs (Support After Drug Rehab ). Individuals who have just been let out of rehab, should reflect on their lives. Reflection should include reminders of reasons to stay sober, since motivated individuals are less likely to experience relapse. Reasons that can help prevent relapse include legal reasons, desire for social acceptability, improved health, increased self-image and self-confidence, and the drive to have better interpersonal relationships. Reflection time can also help reduce stress to allow better decisions when faced with possible triggers to abuse substances. Daily reflection should include positive reinforcement as individuals consciously praise themselves for things that they have done well after rehab (7 Warning Signs You Are Heading for a Relapse). Individuals can continue their journeys to health by deepening their relationships with a higher power. A 12-step recovery programs and other faith-based treatment programs are based on the premise that a relationship with a higher power, whatever the individual determines that higher power to be, facilitates recovery. After completion of the program, individuals can continue to deepen their spirituality. Even after completion of non-spiritual rehab programs, individuals can establish or
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