Should Drug Laws Be Restrictive?

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Drug laws are a big part of society and are constantly evolving within the government. There is a constant debate about whether drug laws should be more restrictive or less restrictive. More restrictive drug laws can create more dangerous roles in society because of the government standards. While less restrictive drug laws can also create danger within society due to government standards and show how restrictive laws do not work. Drug laws should remain less restrictive because the courts would reduce the amount of people in prisons, take profits away from drug cartels, and restrict research. Less restrictive drug laws would lower the population of prisons. Courts deal with a high amount cases due to drugs. According to Goldberg (2012), the criminal justice system is becoming ineffective because of the high amounts of drug cases which, is overburdening the system. This means that there are too many cases that are being processed through the system, which creates an issue of overcrowding in prisons. The mandatory minimum laws create a burden for the system because all of the cases have to be processes creating an ineffective system. According to Nutt, King, and Nichols (2013), there are extreme legal consequences for drug possession. Less restrictive laws would help alleviate the burden on the system. By having less restrictive laws the amount of cases would drop greatly and then the system would be more effective than it is right now. Furthermore, less restrictive laws
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