Should Drug Legalization Increase The Crime Rate?

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Will drug legalization increase the crime rate in our society? The issue of drug legalization in the United State is a complex one not only because crime related to drug abuse in the United States has fluctuated considerably over the past thirty years and that policy makers haven’t find an effective way to address this issue, but also because public polls about marijuana legalization has experienced dramatic shift. A recent survey conducted about marijuana legalization in the U.S found out that 53% favor it legalization while 44% are opposed. This results have significantly change relatively to the 2006 result where 32% were in favor of the legalization . First of all, we should note that they is three different types of crimes related to drugs: -Use-Related crime: These are crimes committed as a result of the effect the drug on thoughts and behavior. -Economic-Related crime: These are crimes committed in order to fund a drug habit. -System-Related crime: These are crimes involving production, sales and distribution of drugs. Many scientific studies conducted over the past two decades have provided evidence which support that drug use is one the factors that explain why some people commit criminal acts. The existing relationship between drugs and crime appeared on the effects that they have on the user’s behavior and by generating violence and other illegal activity in connection with drug trafficking. Therefore, crime and drug appear to be in a covariance relationship and

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