Should Drug Offenders Be Sent?

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The United States leads the world in incarceration with more than 2.2 million people in jails or prisons. Over the past thirty years, the population in jails and prisons has increased by 500%.(cite) Much of the increase of population is drug offenders. The main question is; should drug offenders be sent to jail or treatment programs? The cost of housing an inmate is very expensive compared to what it costs for and individual to receive treatment, and attend programs. It is very important to determine what would be best for the individuals with drug charges, because it needs to benefit the cost, and also actually aid the person. People who have drug addictions and commit a crime while under the influence should be trialed differently than those who commit the crime sober. Millions of dollars are spent a year housing inmates, and the prison population is becoming over populated. It is important to save tax payers from spending money on people who do not really belong those prisons but rather could be benefited with treatment and care. Money can be better spent on rehab programs to help individuals of their drug problems, where as if they are incarcerated they are more likely to continue using drugs, and to re-offend. It is contradicting to say that someone committed a crime under the influence, but then put them in jail while they are sober and in theory a different person. The Nation could profit from this study to help improve the economic spending on jails, and to
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