Should Drug Testing Be Conducted in Schools

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Around the country we have been taught what is right and what is wrong. 75% of schools in the US are familiar with the D.A.R.E program, and 48 countries have introduced it. We have been listening to police officers since we entered kindergarten. Almost all schools have students that have experience with drugs , even if it is only between a few students drugs are out there. Many people do not know this, which they should, but alcohol is considered a drug. Definition of a drug is simply a substance that can be absorbed into a living organism and will alter the organisms judgment and functions. If alcohol is considered a drug there can even be a bigger drug problem. Students do not realize how dangerous drugs actually are, statistics show that 60% of seniors do not believe that marijuana is harmful. Students need to be informed what marijuana can lead to. Smoking the drug can lead to lung cancer just like cigarettes. Schools have not faced the facts and realize drugs are a problem, only 14% of schools in America have committed to random drug tests in school. They need to step up and start helping the students within their school who are in need of help. Random drug testing in schools need to become mandatory because drugs in school are now not just becoming a problem to a few students, it is affecting even the students already heading in a good path for the future and by doing so it will eliminate drug use between students…
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