Should Drugs Be Banned?

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Approved implant products or substances all have zero day removal; meaning processed meat from the animals are considered safe for humans to consume at any given period. This act has aided the farmers well, they can have more income due to steroid FDA has approved for the animals used for the production of meat. Steroids uses on animals’ are not primarily used for meat protection. They have some medical situations were steroids are given to animals especially domestic pets. Veterans use steroids to also aid in the growth of little animals, by the request of the owner, either to enhance growth and strength or to stable recovery for terrible illness. Why buy a pit-bull, and find it hard to control, rather to give your doodle steroids to look the size and height. Police dogs are required to have strength and ability to chase down criminals and sniff out crime scenes, there are little valid information on police dogs using steroids, but aided their growth so rapidly. Imagine if steroids were given to official guard dogs, this would reduce the rate of burglary and physical harassment. These factors would certainly aid in the growth of the economy and strengthen the security system in the government, encourage the motion that steroids should be legal. But it was not clearly explained that those meats from the treated animals were being processed appropriately. Eating the meat from animals that have been treated with steroids could not necessarily make an individual start
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