Should Drugs Be Legalized?

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Drugs are upon the most controversial topics in the world, they are known for many reasons for bringing evil among the communities. They affect lower class families who struggle to make living in the world. The drug trade industry has lead politicians to corruption, because it makes them have more power. Drugs have made a huge impact in today’s society, although people will argue and agree that drugs can make the world a better place if they were just to be legalized. If drugs were to be legalized, it would make the problem an even bigger one. If drugs were to be legalized, then people would have easier access to them, leading to a drugs because abuse, making the person react to the effects of the drug and making horrible decisions. The drug industry has brought a lot of issues over the years. It has the people committing illegal activities. For example, a bag of cocaine coming from El Salvador would have to pass numerous borders just to reach its destination somewhere in North America. For a bag cocaine to reach its destination safely, it would involve countless amounts of humans and that would involve numerous amounts of risks. Humans are willing to put their lives at risks just for a simple a bag of cocaine. Drugs have had a major impact on recent generations than any other.
According to an article, Drug Legalization: Rescuing Central America from the Claws of Crime, written by authors, Cachanosky, Ivan, Vannia J. Zelaya, and Walter E. Block. The drug trade industry

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