Should Drugs Use Be A Hate For Drugs?

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I find myself slowly seeping into darkness. The internet has really shown me things that I didn’t think I could ever see or like. I’ve built this strong attraction to drugs but not as a consumer, but instead as the supplier. Countless hours of my life have been spent on forums that the ordinary person wouldn’t easily find. Teaching me how to cut coke, cook crack and distribute it. I have a drug dealer’s ideal smartphone: no locations, three phone numbers within the same device and no gps lock whatsoever. I have applications where you can solicit just about everything from Coke to MDMA and weed. The internet has turned me into a self-learned chemist and home grower, giving me enough information on how to make some great crystal heroin or even growing some of the most potent marijuana possible. My love for drugs used to be a hate for drugs. But as time passed, I found myself feeling ignorant due to the fact that I hated what I didn’t know. Because of the media and other people’s bias opinions on it, I didn’t allow myself to form an opinion of my own. By the age of 16, I had already read enough forums and watched enough videos banned on YouTube on how to sell ,how to grow and distribute. Networking with those like myself who are very "behind the scenes" (or so to speak), those that practically live second lives. Pablo Escobar, Joaquin "El Chapo", and my personal favorite rapper Gucci Mane. All three of these great drug aficionados have something in common: They all held an
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