Should Drugs be Legalized?

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Should all drugs be legalized? Suppose that someone has some life threatening illness and suppose that a drug that has not yet been approved by the FDA can cure this illness. Should he have to die just because some government bureaucrat tells him that he cannot have this drug? There are millions of AIDS patients in similar tragedy. The two most harmful and dangerous substances are alcohol and tobacco. Yet, they are legal, only because they are popular. Marianne Apostolides of the pro-legalization Lindesmith Center wrote in the Wall Street Journal: "Marijuana is safer than other substances such as nicotine and steroids. Most people who use marijuana have no problem with it." “The question about legalized drugs is the defining point for a Libertarian. If you are opposed to legalizing all drugs, then you are not a Libertarian, by definition.” Sam Sloan But if we analyze did alcohol use decrease when it was legalized? Answer is No. When abortion became legal, did abortions decrease? No. When an action becomes legal, the number of people carrying out that action increases. Drugs are not different Drugs Abuses, Crimes and Legalization Crimes will also not be reduced by drug legalization. Studies show a correlation between drug use and crime - violent crimes such as homicides, assaults and domestic violence. Why is this? It's quite simple - drugs cause violent behavior. In actuality, crime will rise when drugs are legal because more people will be taking drugs. Crime is high

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