Should Electronic Games Be Professional Sports?

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Andrew Whelan
Period 3
Dr. Rascher ESports are true sports. They take hours upon hours of practice every day just like any physical sport, if the gamers want to be the best. In five years the game League of Legends (LOL) has seen 32 million people play daily. The sporting events have prize pools totaling millions of dollars. ESport events can have tens of millions of people viewing them. Governments all around the world are treating these sports the same way they do physical sports. Electronic games can be professional sports. For a team in any sport to become the best they must dedicate themselves to it. If you look at college football teams they spend about 40 to 50 hours practicing a week during the season. The same goes for professional gamers, the professional gaming franchise TSM or Team SoloMid which is huge in the world of professional gaming is quoted for their gamers schedule showing on a regular day they would have around 10 hours of practice or team related studies and exercises. Douglas Heaven in his article “Rise and rise of eSports” states, “Pro video gamers are no less dedicated than mainstream athletes, says Wyatt. To become the best golfer in the world you have to spend hour upon hour on the driving range. “These guys do exactly the same thing,” he says. “There’s no difference in skill level between these guys and the very best sportspeople in the world (2).” Esports are one of the fastest growing trends in the world.

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