Should Emergency Contraceptives Be Available Over?

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Rebeca Martinez May 14, 2017 BIO 150 Professor Robinson Should emergency contraceptives be available over the counter to girls under the age of 18? Plan B or the ‘morning after pill’ as it is sometimes known is an emergency contraceptive that is can prevent a pregnancy if it is taken within 3 days of unprotected sex or if your birth control failed you such as if a condom breaks mid intercourse. The Plan B contain a higher concentrated level of levonorgestrel which is the same hormone found in birth control pills. According to the Plan B website, when taken as directed, the Plan B helps to prevent almost 7 out of 8 potential pregnancies. Currently, the morning after pill is available over the counter to women and young…show more content…
Plan B is a safe form of birth control that effectively prevent a pregnancy if the pill is taken within a 3 day period after having unprotected sex. By banning the age limit to access to emergency contraceptives more women will be able to prevent an unintended pregnancy. Unprotected sex sometimes happens, a condom breaks or the sex in non-consensual. When this happens a woman regardless of her age needs options and the Plan B is a viable, safe option. Research shows that teens understand how to use the Plan B pill and that they know that is not an option that is to be used regularly3. Emergency contraceptives helps teen to practice safe sex and to not be risky with their reproductive health. A study in the medical journal Pediatrics found that, “sexual activity is exceedingly rare among the youngest adolescent. When sex does occur among teens under 14 it is often non-consensual and contraceptives are not used.” Many people especially those opposed to minors having access to emergency contraceptive OTC are uncomfortable with the thought of their young child having unprotected sex and then buying and consuming a pill to prevent getting pregnant. Numerous studies have shown that opening access to

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