Should England Leave The European Union Or Stay?

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Should England Leave the European Union or Stay?

During the Second World War, Europe suffered huge loss due to the destruction of properties and infrastructure that as a result led to the collapse of their economy. Besides that, a lot of the European countries were very much against Germany, which was the country that started the war under Hitler’s rule. Thus, after the war ending, the mutual relationship that had existed between Germany and its neighbors especially France was imperative (Wilkinson, 2016). Ultimately this led to the creation of the new movement aimed at creating unity, later the movement resulted in the formation of European Union. Thus, since its formation, the union has helped a lot in bringing the European nations back to their feet especially those that terribly attacked.

The EU operates single market that allows for the free movement of people, goods, capital, and services between the twenty-eight member countries. The union has also been experiencing various problems such corruption and member countries threatening to leave the union due to some reasons that are best known to them. For instance, in recent times, England has been contemplating on leaving the union. Therefore, the paper will be focused on whether England should consider remaining in the EU from economic, environment, social and geo-political perspective.

The sitting prime minister of Britain, Mr. David Cameron announced that on the 23rd of June, the people of Britain will go to the

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