Should English Be Ficial Language Of The United States?

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Language is considered a vital tool in the construction of someone’s identity and an expression of culture. English is the most widely spoken language in the world. The number of people who speak it as a second language is increasing dramatically. In the last couple of decades immigrants have chosen to make the United States their home, but some proceeded with caution by slowly adapting to the English language and culture. Others don’t want to learn and adapt to the English culture simply because they believe it will separate them from their own cultures and traditions. Therefore, the question struggling to be answered is, should English be the official language in the United States? Usually, when a country does not have an official language it’s because of historical or cultural issues. After doing some research I was shocked to learn America does not have an official language, although, there are some states that have English as their official language. To be exact, there are thirty one states with an official language (The National Leading English Language Advocate). For instance, as stated in the article "States where English is the official language”, the Washington Post, Missouri has a law that states "The general assembly recognizes that English is the most common language used in Missouri and recognizes that fluency in English is necessary for full integration into our common American culture." Other states such as Tennessee, have even further guidelines that

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