Should English Be the National Language of the Us

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In the beginning, this country was a melting pot. Many different people, from many different countries, of many different ethnic groups, speaking in many different tongues came to America. English arose as the predominant language of the United States. Over time, people realized the importance of staying in touch with their cultural backgrounds, including the language of their native countries. The main problem presented now lies in communication and interaction with each other. It is obvious that miscommunication causes problems. An "English Only" law will unite Americans and give them all a common ground on which to communicate. It will diminish racial conflicts, as well as encourage immigrants to become involved in the U.S.…show more content…
The exceptions to his bill are in the areas of public health and safety services and judicial proceedings. If English were to be made official, it would only be required for use in Federal government operations and public commerce. English as the official language of these processes would make everything run much more smoothly in many ways.
Some may say that declaring an official language violates a person's right to freedom of speech, or that it means forcing them to give up their heritage, but that is not the case. Declaring English the official language in which government and business operations are conducted does not limit a person's freedom of speech. We are not saying you will be punished for speaking any language other than English, nor are we taking away the cultural backgrounds of immigrants. Celebrations and beliefs will still be preserved. We are only providing immigrants the means for a better chance of inclusion and success.
As immigration, both legal and illegal, brings a flood of foreign speech into the U.S., a campaign to make English our nation's official language gathers more and more strength. The importance of preserving our own cultural backgrounds, including native languages, is not being overlooked. There is, however a major problem with communication and unity within the country.
We want to enrich the lives of all Americans and to help them be a successful part of the
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