Should Euthanasia Be Allowed To Die With Assisted Suicide?

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Euthanasia: Should terminally ill patients be allowed to end their lives with assisted suicide?
In recent times, there has been much debate about whether or not Euthanasia should be permitted. Voluntary Euthanasia is when terminally ill people wish to have their lives ended with the assistance of medical procedures before nature takes its course. This is because they may be suffering and in great pain, or cannot live a reasonable or comfortable life. Voluntary Euthanasia should be introduced, provided that there are safeguards to stop the system from being misused.

It is clear that the majority of people in Australia want voluntary Euthanasia to be introduced. A recent online survey of 1,400 in this country revealed, that 70% of those who participated in the study support Voluntary Euthanasia, while only 12% completely opposed Voluntary Euthanasia. Only 17 percent remained undecided. This shows that there is an agreement within the majority of the population that people should be allowed to die with dignity. Around the world, there is a growing recognition that people should be helped to die with dignity. The Netherlands has in fact introduced a Voluntary Euthanasia law which has been working for years. Why don’t we join this very sensible and humane approach?
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There are some diseases which cannot have the pain properly managed. The awful suffering of these human beings, and the distress that their families, who have to look on helplessly enduring, it is a tragic situation. A situation like that can be prevented to a large extent by Voluntary Euthanasia. Any decent and caring person should not allow others to suffer when their pain can be ended if they wished
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