Should Euthanasia Be Legal?

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The word euthanasia is defined as good death, but this meaning cannot be taken literally without analyzing its underlying implications (Vaughn 595). The primary issues that must be raised when discussing euthanasia are differentiating between active and passive forms, analyzing the values that people place on their life and realizing that euthanasia is beneficial. Euthanasia provides a means for patients who are in agony to be relieved of their condition while ensuring that doctors follow appropriate and lawful procedures. I will argue that just as passive euthanasia is legal in some jurisdictions, active euthanasia should be made legal as well.
It is wrong to say that individuals cannot be held responsible for refraining from performing an action, but are most definitely at fault when they are physically involved. I argue that there is no distinction between the two if the end result is the same, just as in killing and letting die. For example, imagine being at home looking out of the window and you notice a woman being threatened and harassed by a group of people. Instead of calling the police or helping, you do nothing and watch as the helpless woman is killed. While, you had no involvement in killing the woman physically, you idly watched when there may have been a way to prevent her death. The group of people killed her and you allowed her to die. In a moral sense, it would have been no different if you had went outside and helped the others kill the woman. The only

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