Should Euthanasia Be Legal?

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Euthanasia is a widely debated topic of the 21st century. Many places have legalized it, others refuse to even talk about the subject. However, more and more people are wanting their right to die to be recognized while others fight back against that right. A lot has to go into the backing and thinking about euthanasia, beginning with the different types that there are. After that, you would have to look at both sides to analyze why it would be a good practice to have, or a bad one. Many people find it dangerous in practice so finding safe ways to practice euthanasia would be critical in the path to be able to have it legalized or to keep it illegal. You would also want to look at different countries and even states in the USA that have it legalized, why they do and what regulations have they set forth. That would bring us to the final topic which would be the regulations of euthanasia and how it would be run.

Euthanasia by definition means, “the act or practice of killing someone who is very sick or injured in order to prevent any more suffering” ( This can be very misleading since there are different types such as voluntary, involuntary, nonvoluntary, active, passive and what is considered assisted suicide. Voluntary euthanasia is pretty self explanatory because it would be when you actually voluntarily ask and want your life to be ended. Involuntary however, would be the type that would go against a patient 's expressed wishes,

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