Should Euthanasia Be Legalized?

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In the world, there are a number of people suffering from intractable diseases. There are patients with terminal cancer that the cells had spread to all over the body and leukemia-stricken patients who sustain their lives by agonizing anticancer treatments. Although they keep living relying on medical treatment or ventilators, their qualities of life are extremely low and even sustaining their own lives is harsher than killing themselves.

In the past, there have been practices of mercy killing for incurable animals. If the animals seem impossible to recover their health, a veterinarian is able to help them reach to death. Though there are some people disagreeing with animal mercy killing, most of people agree on it and it is legal. However, when it comes to human, there is a furious controversy over euthanasia. Because there is a sharp conflict on the issue, some countries accept mercy killing lawful while others do not. The main arguments about the issue are whether the deliberate intervention on one’s life to the end is morally right or wrong.

Some say euthanasia should be legalized because it is the only way to relieve harsh pain and meet ‘real happiness’ for the patients who are not expected to maintain their lives more. They also argue that people should respect the patients’ right to die as we respect humans’ right to live. In addition, they assert that huge cost paid to sustain incurable patient’s life also makes the lives of patient’s family members

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