Should Euthanasia Be Legalized?

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Euthanasia is something that can force a government to rethink its position on it, but before they can make a decision on it, they would also have to have an understanding on what euthanasia is and see how many governments have taken on a position in which they allow it, and why many governments still deny the approval of euthanasia techniques due to many controversial problems that come with the approval of euthanasia. The backlash that will come from approving euthanasia in a country is all down to how the government limits and restricts how and why a person is getting that treatment, along with the views of the people which will be heavily influenced by religion and family view. These are some of the things that a government must juggle…show more content…
“In the 1990s in the Netherlands, the Royal Dutch Medical Association developed a system of consultation for the practice of actively terminating the life of a patient at his or her request (euthanasia and PAS)” (Berghmans) and the way they developed this process is that even when they have gone through with the treatment they must report the case to a regional review committee, and in these committees there are a lawyer, an Ethicist, and a medical doctor. This committee investigates the case from many views, such as the level of the patients ' suffering and the nature of the request, along with the recommendation of another doctor. Once everything is taken into consideration the committee goes on to state its final judgment on the case and decides if the doctor has acted within the boundaries of the due care criteria. This along with the Due care criteria have created a list that a physician must complete before they go on with the euthanasia procedure for the patient. In the UK euthanasia is only considered if the patient has a disease that is progressively getting worse is irreversible by any treatment available and the patient is given an estimate of six months or less of life left (Frost). A similar characteristic that they share with the Netherlands is that they need another doctor that is registered to review and give the same judgment on the person’s case in order to reduce the space for error and
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