Should Euthanasia Be Legalized?

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About 55% of terminally ill patients die in atrocious pain. Euthanasia is a practice that hasn’t been legalized in many places, and is usually performed by lethal injection. In the United States euthanasia is only legalized in Oregon, Washington, Montana, and certain areas of Texas. Some citizens feel that euthanasia should be legalized because they should have the sole right to their life. Others feel that God is the one that has the authority over a person’s life. There have been many cases where people have to go to court in order to have euthanasia performed on them. Perhaps the conclusive reason for opposing euthanasia is many people have religious concerns for the killing of others, even if it is by their choice. “Churches teach that life should not be prematurely shortened because it is a gift from God,” says John A. Di Camillo. “We don’t have the authority to take into our hands when life will end,” he says. “That’s the Creator’s decision.” Catholic thinkers like Dicamillo contend that the decision to take one’s own life often comes as a result of issues like poor pain management, despair and loneliness, or the feeling of being a burden on family while they watch them suffer. These conditions, he believes, can be addressed with better palliative and psychological care. “We don’t give enough attention to people near the end of life because we’re afraid of the end of life and don’t want to come to grips with it,” Di Camillo says. A lot of people around the world

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