Should Euthanasia Be Legalized?

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Bhavi Patel
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1 November 2015
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Mercy or No Mercy Soul is immortal. But body is mortal. In life there could be multiple problems. Some problems could be life threatening. There are some stages in life where one has to make decisions. Imagine you are in a place where you lost all your vital abilities and you have to spend your entire life like that. Your family and friend are in pain too just like you are in pain. What would you do? Euthanasia is and act where a person assist the death of other person and relieves him/her from pain. It is also called as mercy killing. It is controversial because, some may thing it is immoral and some may think it is against their religious
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On the other hand, passive euthanasia is where the death of the patient is due to the withdrawal of treatment by medical professionals (“Forms of Euthanasia”). For instance, taking the person of the ventilator system and allowing the occurrence of death. Although both these types are different, some may actually think it the same. Others may think passive euthanasia is much better than active euthanasia and vice versa. In countries, like India and Ireland only passive euthanasia is permitted. But, people should focus on the main purpose of the act, which is to relieve the patient of suffering.

Being a part of medical field and dealing with medical authorities gives a wider percept of Euthanasia. There are many critical situations in life where even doctors become helpless. Life threatening incidences cause people to lose major parts of body that they could not do anything other than just looking at others. My brother’s friend was riding in a local train in India and he met with a train accident. He lost his both feet and one arm and had multiple fracture all over the body. He was hospitalized for months but, there were number of internal injuries that were so severe that even drugs couldn’t do anything. When he came to his senses after a while and looked over his condition, he was broken down, and all he wanted was to get over the pain. The only thing that was
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