Should Euthanasia Be Legalized?

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Imagine being a 90 year old lady who has been through a lot. Then your doctor called and says you have cancer. He gave you six months to live with no treatment because the cancer has already eaten your body up. You’re in unbearable pain, your bones hurt all the time, and because of that you 're always tired and cannot sleep. You are taking so much medication that you have no clue what is going on around you. You’ve lost a lot of weight. You’re always tired, you’re very emotional and irritable you want to be left alone. In my paper I’m going to prove to you why I think Euthanasia should be legalized.
Euthanasia refers to taking a deliberate action with the express intention of ending a life to relieve suffering. Some interpret
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They shouldn’t be forced to stay alive. If the doctor gave the person six months to live without any treatment to try to cure them and the doctor just gives he/she pain medicine that only works for just a few weeks or even only a few hours before more is needed, they shouldn’t be forced to stay alive. Here is a question that you should ask yourself: Would you want to live when you are in so much pain that nothing is helping, and you can not do much of anything because you hurt, so you end up with no quality of life? Here are the pros of Euthanasia. A person who is suffering should have the right to determine how or if they want to live or not. He she might choose to get treated if it is a option, but they could also have the right to refuse the treatment. If the treatment is unavailable and a person is unable to handle the suffering, then they should have the right to end their life if they wanted to. Ending their life in a medical manner is the most realistic thing to do. The other options they are left with is brutal, painful, and sometimes even terrifying for them and their family members. Here are some of the cons of Euthanasia. Psychiatrists who decide if the patient should be Euthanized because he/she isn’t in their right mind or are unconscious is not the best call. Family members deciding on the patient can also lead to the abuse of the legalizing Euthanasia. It is a myth that most
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