Should Farmers Forced The Gas Exploration On Their Lands?

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Should Farmers be forced to Allow Coal Seam Gas Exploration on Their lands? Introduction Coal Seam Gas which is commonly referred to as CSG is a type of natural gas found in coal deposits. Over millions of years natural gas is formed from plant matter which when under pressure forms natural gas. Coal seam gas and natural gas are used in the same form and in the same way generally for cooking and heating whilst it is commonly used for industrial purposes and electrical generation. Australia’s largest supply of CSG is found inland in North Eastern Australia (Queensland) (Unknown, 2014). Mining in this region has been around since 1990 yet it has slowed down since the main supply has be derived. However companies are constantly finding new…show more content…
During the extraction of the gas, water is pumped out of the coal seam which lowers the pressure and allows the gas to flow to the surface. For Argument: Natural gas does have its advantages as it can be used as a fuel. It fuses cleanness, there is a large quantity, and it is also reliable. Many industries rely on gas on a daily basis and would lack power and an important ingredient in the majority of their chemical processes. Natural gas is a lot more environmentally and cost efficient then electricity as electricity production produces more emissions and is more expensive and less dependable. Other renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind energy are irregular as they cannot provide continuous power generation to supply a certain source. Renewable energy must be combined with forms of baseload power and peaking power. (Ling, 2016) Whilst on the other hand gas is suitable for both baseload and peaking power which produces much lower greenhouse gas emissions (Needham, 2016) Against Argument: CSG fields hold several risks and dangers, these include destruction of good quality farming land, interference of other land uses and industries, air pollution, clearing of vital bushland, contamination of ground or surface water, overall health impacts and impacts on biodiversity. Coal seam gas mining requires the extraction of methane from coal seam deposits. This process also requires a large amount of water to be extracted. Across the entire coal seam gas
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