Should Felons Be A Crime?

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Ex- felons should have the right to vote. A felon is someone who has committed a serious crime. A felony is “a serious crime, characterized under federal law and many state statutes as any offense punishable by death or imprisonment in excess of one year” (“Convicted”). Felon disenfranchisement is “Disenfranchisement is the taking away of voting rights” (“-Felon”). Ex-felons having served their debts to society should be treated like humans and doing that they should have their God given right to vote. When a person commits a crime, depending on the severity of the crime they can go to jail, or even prison, but the punishment does not always end there. In some states felons lose many rights, from rights to owning specific items to even losing money from paying fines. One of the most important rights they can lose is the right to vote; “states decide who is a criminal and whether or when that group can vote” (Manza 21). While leaving the power to the states Congress has imposed very important limitations on the state’s allowance to disqualify citizens from their right to vote. However the treatment of ex-felons varies from state to state. Felon disenfranchisement is deeply rooted in history, going back to ancient Greece and Rome. None of this making it okay, just simply a problem that needs to be solved. Ex-felons should have the right to vote. Violent crimes are not the majority of crimes that are linked to felon disenfranchisement. These crimes only make up close

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