Should Felons Be A Crime?

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People who are felons have their rights and freedom taken away forever because they make a mistake in life. How is that fair? Think about this for a minute; if a person gets a trafficking charge or three DUI’s within five years, that person now has a felony record and is labeled a felon. As punishment the now felon are sentenced to prison for a time declared by a judge and on parole for some time. Though the time has been served a felon is still at large. One non-violent crime stays on your record forever? Some believe that just because a person committed a crime that all civil rights should be taken away. Why? The “felon” label, along with the negative social and legal implications that accompany it, is essentially blind to the severity of the underlying crime. The convicted felon definition, the individuals that comprise this particular class include all social economic, racial, ethic, and gender categorizations. Although the term felony commonly refers to serious crimes punishable by imprisonment for at least a year, or by death, it may include minor crimes (Saxonhouse, 2004). The convicted felons classification can be divided into two subcategories: Current felons- those who are currently incarcerated, on probation, or on parole; and ex-felons- those who have completed their sentences and are no longer under control of the criminal justice system. Both violent and non-violent felons are measured equivalents within the current and ex-felon groups (McGuire, 2014).

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