Should Females in the Military Be Excluded from Combat?

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Should females in the military be excluded from combat and other hazardous duties?

Should females in the military be excluded from combat and other hazardous duties? Women are gentle, they are caring and creators of life not destroyers of life. Women have been thought of as possessing nothing in common with war. Women today have the opportunity to enlist in the military, they are not allowed to participate in combat units and fight. Who would trust a gun in the hands of a woman who is tender and vulnerable? Females should be excluded because they distract male soldiers could be captured and tortured, and physically or mentally aren't capable of survival. Arguments favor women being excluded from front-line combat. The
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When women are brought to combat units men stop relating to each other and start trying to receive the attention of the women. The very high rate of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) called combat fatigue, or shell-shock) among the male soldiers would exemplify this. Thus in light of these arguments, it may seem to be a logical conclusion that women should not be allowed to fight in the front-line. The above arguments are what people traditionally think of women and are not facts but generalizations. In fact, it is not true for every woman. Most women do not possess the necessary physical strength, there are some strong enough to fight in combat and may even be able to pass the same fitness requirements as men. Combat is an extremely difficult time for every human being, whether woman, or man. The ability to cope with stressful situations is a characteristic that will vary from person to person whether man or woman. I believe it is not right to exclude women from fighting in combat duties based on their characteristics. Characteristics are possessed by women and men just to a different extent. Women are excluded out of combat duties because of generalizations. Women should be judged according to their personal characteristics and abilities. The most important reason females should be excluded from combat roles is that in combat units the females are at risk of capture. Female POWs are
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