Should Foreign Language Be Taught In Schools

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“The United States is the only industrialized country that routinely graduates students from high school who lack knowledge of a foreign language. Whereas 52.7% of Europeans are at least one other language, only 9.3% of Americans are fluent in...another language” (Indian River High School n.p.). In most schools in the US, knowing more than one language is not required. Currently, there is no law that clearly states that a foreign tongue must be taught, so it is up to each county, state, and school whether or not a foreign language should be taught. Although there are many benefits of learning new languages, the government is doing nothing about this. Therefore, there should be a law passed in the United States for all schools to…show more content…
Research shows that “foreign learners have better listening skills and sharper memories than their monolingual peers” (qtd. in NEA Research 3). As the students learn the new vocabulary and grammar rules of a new language, they develop better memories and good skills that are very useful in later life when they have more responsibilities in their lives. The monolingual people will be at a disadvantage when it comes to succeeding in life. Being articulate in foreign tongues can “bridge the gap between cultures, contribute to international diplomacy [and] promote… world peace” (Indian River High School n.p.). When different cultures know the native tongues of other cultures, it will help communication between them. The two cultures can then understand problems more easily and resolve them quicker. Also, knowing another language can help countries speak out their needs and other countries to be more aware of them and make them more able to help. All people are aware that children are the future of the world, and in order to make good leaders out of these children, we need to instill a sense of helping others. A way to do this is to give an understanding of other cultures to students
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