Should Freedom Of Speech Be Regulated

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Should freedom of speech ever be regulated? This is the question that I have chosen to discuss. The simple answer is yes; up to a certain point. There are three different reasons that I would like to share with you on both why and why not freedom of speech should be limited. First is what could the world be like if there was no freedom of speech, then what the world would be like if freedom of speech was never regulated. And finally, to what extent the law can regulate freedom of speech. The one thing we Americans take for granted, the most without even realizing it, is right in the First Amendment of the Constitution, the right to freedom of speech. What would our world be like without freedom of speech? Let's take a country like North Korea unarguably the most anti-free country in the world. If you even try to say something that the dictator of North Korea doesn’t like, yet alone find even the slightest bit…show more content…
However, I have a very different theory, the world would chaos, almost as bad as North Korea, except with an apocalyptic scenery. Let me explain. Here in the United States, yes we may have freedom of speech, but it is still restricted. For example, ABC will never say anything negative about Disney, the reason being is that Disney owns ABC. What if one day everyone in the whole company of ABC started bashing on Disney one day. That wouldn't go over well, and the whole company would be fired, or discontinued. If Disney got a whole new staff for ABC, and they did the same thing, ABC as a whole would just be discontinued. Then what would happen if all the companies turned on there owner companies, then eventually the companies would turn on themselves and crumble. Then there would be no businesses, and no order, because then no one would be making any money, because no one has a
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