Should Gambling Be Legal?

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Gambling is no doubt a very common social practice of humankind since a long time ago. Furthermore, gambling has long been considered as a legal industry that brings billions of dollars to many nations in the world. Despite of the great benefits it brings, gambling industry is not totally free from drawback. Gambling has been constantly condemned for its negative outcomes. In fact, gambling is accused of being the cause for much social evil practice. Thus, to many countries, this particular type of industry is not legal and popular. Specifically, in this essay, Vietnam, a nation in Southeast Asia, will be taken as the object for this research. Accordingly, Vietnam already had 5 Casinos that are being operated. However, only foreigners are…show more content…
Hence, gambling may also bring some good effects to health. Moreover, some gamblers do not care about the money; they just want to enjoy the game. Also, even this is a bit negative and rare and just fortune, casino gives poor people an opportunity/chance to become rich. Moving on to the advantages gambling industry can bring to people working on it and to society at large. There is an undeniable fact that the Casino Industry has brought a huge contribution in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to many nations, such as The United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. For the reason, this sensitive field of business requires a great demand in labor, therefore, to a nation, in the very beginning; it is very helpful in reducing the unemployment rate. For instance, a new casino resort can create up to thousands of jobs. Besides, by effectively and efficiently operating casinos, government can gain a huge amount of revenues. This outcome increase in the tax revenue will also lower the tax burden on other fields. Not only that, to an urban perspective, by having a casino within the city, it will significantly attract tourists as well as providing an entertainment service to local. Besides, having a casino in a rural area is very beneficial to a nation as well, because it also brings other businesses into the area, such as hotels, F&B, trade
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