Should Gay Be A Racist?

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If you think that by merely not agreeing with the gay lifestyle it 's bigotry comparable to racism think again. You do realize that 's a slap in the face of all those cultures you 're referencing calling all they fought for frivolous right? There is definitely a smear agenda going on. As soon as the whole gays-getting-equal-rights thing came into the spotlight all of a sudden christians are being called bigots because we don 't support being gay. the funny thing is, homosexuality is not genetic in any way shape or form. a person can 'get off ' on a man or woman...or inanimate object. therefore the idea that gays can 't help it because they aren 't attracted to the opposite sex and that not supporting their lifestyle choice is the same as being a racist is a misconception. It would seem therefore being gay is more of a hobby than something you can compare to racial rights no different than collecting bottle caps or sports cards. therefore for christians to be so hated for believing homosexuality to be unrighteous as per the bible 's teachings is ridiculous. To better understand this situation, it is the same thing as a republican not being welcome in the democratic party nor their meetings. it is not biggotry for the democrat to refuse to let the republican attend their meetings because they have different interests. therefore what is the big deal? the big deal is that gays can 't get it out of their head that being gay is not genetic but is a choice. they can help it and…

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