Should Gay Marriage Be Allowed?

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Should Gays and Lesbians be allowed to raise children? Same Sex marriage has really come out of the darkness and into society’s spotlight. It has increasingly become one of the most controversial issues in the United State of America and around the world. The public opinion varies by race, gender, class, culture, religion and in the political arena. Perhaps there have been positive shifts in attitudes towards gay marriages. This paper I will go through the impact of marital, family statue, and civil rights on the views of same sex marriages, legal unions of gay and lesbian couples raising children but mostly about whether if kids should be raised by the same-sex marriage. The civil marriage rights movement and pros for same sex couples began in the 1970’s, but it wasn’t until May 2004 same sex marriages were recognized as a legal union (Hack, Boyer, & Galupo 1). Same sex marriages have really increased over time because people have strides in the marriage equality movement. This movement has led to successful legalization of gay and lesbian marriages in New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Washington D.C and now in every state in the United States. After a long history of discrimination between lesbians and gay individuals today has encounter more societal acceptance than ever before because people has actually stop caring if they could get married. American people has shown a more acceptance of civil or legal unions over the course of the past
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