Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized? Essay

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Marriage is defined as the state of being a married couple voluntarily joined for life. In the definition it says couple, with out indication of gender. In our society gay marriage is a hot topic. Previously legalizing gay marriage was out of the question, but as times has changed and more liberal politicians have gained office to reflect the views of today’s society. One of the reasons that LGBT people fight for the right to marry because married couples receive more protections and advantages in the law and insurance polices. Some see marriage as sign of commitment and life long commitment to each other. No matter what the reason gay marriage should be legalized because it is a human right to marry whomever someone loves or at the very…show more content…
They also celebrated homosexuality and sung of its praises. Therefore homosexuality is not new but the hatred towards it is.

By legalizing gay marriage we are only taking a huge step forward in human rights. Marriage it self is a human right and by limiting it to someone of the opposite sex we are limiting ourselves in society. Marriage today is an expression of love, and why are we limiting people’s expression of love? What do we gain from this? We as humans have no right to tell someone who they love or what they can do with one another. Marriage WAS for procreation but in 2007 40 percent of children were born out of wedlock. Furthermore that number is increasing as we speak. The mindset of marriage has changed so should our laws.

There are many arguments against homosexuality, but they are easily disproved.
1. Homosexuality is wrong because the bible say so.
Our first amendment right gives us the freedom of religion, therefore not everybody believes in the bible. Also the bible is notorious for using abstract and ambiguous language
2. It could morally corrupt our society.
The US isn’t the first country where gay marriage has been legalized.

In conclusion, the definition of marriage has changed over the years; as the definition changed homosexuality has became more visible to the word. Marriage is now shown as a sign of love and Commitment towards one another. Morals change as time goes on and only

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