Should Gay Marriage Be Recognized?

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Krisha McCoy
Final Paper
August 25, 2014


There are many debates going on about whether gay-marriage should be recognized by all United States. Why is it that some states ban gay-marriage but others allow it? Why is it that some states declare that a ban on gay-marriage is unconstitutional yet others say it is not? Why is it that some states recognize gay-marriages from other states but others do not? These are some questions that should be very closely looked at if we are going to ever understand the debates that go on about gay-marriage.
The definition of marriage in today’s society is often debated. Some people believe marriage consists of only a man and a woman and believe that gay-marriage is against the Bible. Some people believe that marriage can include same-sex couples too. The idea or view that marriage means only one man and one woman is outdated. Also in the past this idea has been swayed by religious beliefs. If we were to base all of our laws on the bible there would be a tremendous amount of people going to jail for every little thing under the sun. For example; a married man falls in love with another woman and with a bible based law he is then put in jail for adultery. Another example is a teenage girl lies to get out of trouble she is then put into jail for lying.
This is why we have the separation of church and state. We cannot have laws based on other religious beliefs or the

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